Promotion pathway


Employee Welfares

  • 01 Compensation and Benefits

    Provide competitive salary conditions within the industry, purchase five social insurances and one housing fund upon entry, weekend off, enjoy national statutory holidays and lunch break, etc.

  • 02 Growth and Development

    Offer regularly training, provide horizontal and vertical good development platform, etc.

  • 03 Combine work with rest

    Paid annual leave, regularly team building, development, tourism and other activities

  • 04 Health Care

    Free annual physical examination, fitness facilities, etc

  • 05 Holiday Care

    New Year red packet, New Year gift, Dragon Boat Festival gift, Mid-Autumn Festival gift, Women’s Day gift and company festival activities

  • 06 Incentive Mechanism

    Project award, patent award, performance award, etc

  • 07 Working Atmosphere

    Good office environment and friendly and lovely colleagues

  • 08 Convenient dining

    The company provides refrigerators and microwaves (you can bring your own lunch)